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5th January 2012, by Wahida Lakhani

Syncapse Only Company To Achieve Strong Capability Ranking in Four Out of Five Use Cases for Social Media Management According to Industry Research Report

        Today, the Altimeter Group released a report on the Social Media Management (SMMS) Industry titled, “A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation”. This extensive piece of research is the result of input from over 61 ecosystem experts including Corporate Practitioners, Domain Experts, Social Business Services and Social Business Software Vendors. We are excited to have received Strong Capability rankings throughout this report, demonstrating our commitment to serving the world’s largest brands with the best SaaS technology infrastructure, analytics and data management. Please see below for an excerpt from our press release: Syncapse Corp., the leading enterprise-grade social marketing solution for the world’s leading brands, today announced the company received positive and strong rankings in a new report by Altimeter Group. Specifically, the Altimeter report* gave Syncapse a strong capability ranking in the following social media management system use cases: Intense customer response, social broadcasting, distributed brand presence, and tailored service & support. Authored by Altimeter analyst Jeremiah Owyang, Syncapse also received an above average capability ranking in the platform campaign marketing use case. Syncapse provides organizations with the ability to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their global and multichannel social media programs from a centralized social measurement dashboard. As the first solution designed to bridge the gap between marketing and IT, the SaaS-based Syncapse Platform™ provides a secure infrastructure to build applications, publish, manage compliance and measure social marketing performance. According to Altimeter analyst, Jeremiah Owyang, “Syncapse serves clients with Distributed Brand Presence, while placing a particular emphasis on service and support. It has 45 employees focused exclusively on services who offer delivery, strategy and intelligence, data services, platform services, onboard training and platform customization.” “While large, global brands are deeply entwined with marketing technology, executives are still struggling to find a coordinated way to deliver messages and measure engagement to drive tangible results,” said Michael Scissons, president and CEO of Syncapse. “The recent findings and rankings by Altimeter reinforce our customers request of receiving tailored technology solutions designed to better manage and control their social marketing programs across multiple markets, brands and channels through a single, turnkey SaaS platform. Based on our philosophy and go to market strategy, we believe we are the only social media company who truly understands and embraces social CRM for consumer facing brands.” To determine these rankings, Altimeter surveyed 144 enterprise-class operations and conducted qualitative interviews with 60 industry experts to define the Five Use Cases of Social Media Management Systems. In addition, 27 software vendors self-reported their capabilities in an online survey and Altimeter Group scored each vendor to address specific needs within each of the five use cases. * “A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation,” Altimeter Group (January 5, 2012)

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