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  • Published: 2nd July 2013

    What Facebook #Hashtags Mean For Marketers

    Recently announced, Facebook has adopted the #hashtag, a social network functionality and form of metadata most widely associated with Twitter. With Facebook’s anticipated adoption of hashtags, new opportunities and complexities on emerge for social brand marketers.   This report probes the functionality and benefits of Facebook hashtags, and presents mandates for brand marketers seeking to...
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  • Published: 26th June 2013

    Why Do Consumers Become Facebook Brands Fans?

    With hard data from The Value of a Facebook Fan 2013 study, brand Fans have proven to be highly valuable – $174 on average across key consumer categories. But why do consumers become Fans in the first place? Exploring drivers for consumers to “Like” or “Fan” brand pages, this report reveals that a majority were...
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  • Published: 17th April 2013

    The Value of a Facebook Fan 2013

    Brand marketers are sobering up and asking hard questions around the ROI of social marketing. Perhaps no question is asked more often than “What is the value of a Facebook brand Fan?” According to new Syncapse empirical research, the average value of brand Fans in key consumer categories has increased 28% to $174. Not only...
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  • Published: 13th March 2013

    Increasing Campaign Effectiveness with Social Media

    There is no doubt that social media is growing in popularity and taking a bigger share of consumer mindshare. But in trying to separate the hype from the reality, many marketers and brand managers are struggling to understand what level of investment should be made in social channels. To help them, Syncapse conducted an extensive...
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  • Published: 11th December 2012

    Empowering The Automotive Customer Through Social Business Transformation

    More than 60 percent of auto buyers regard the Internet as the most important tool influencing their purchase decisions. For industries like automotive — where customer journeys are long and complex — social media provides a unique opportunity to deliver hyper-targeted messaging with variable frequency, coordinate marketing efforts across networks, and nurture long-term customer relationships....
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