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  • 10th July 2013, by Wahida Lakhani

    Facebook Announces The Adoption of #Hashtags, Taking Important Step Towards Acting as a Real-Time Network

    It is true. Facebook has officially adopted the hashtag. First used in 2007, the hashtag is a way to organize streams of conversation by making items searchable. Made popular by Twitter, the hashtag has since been integrated across many social networks including Flickr, Google+ and Instagram (which Facebook bought in 2012).   Supporting hashtags brings...
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  • 2nd July 2013, by Max Kalehoff

    People ‘Fan’ Brands Because They Actually Like Them

    Have you ever wondered why your friends Like specific brands on Facebook? It’s because they actually like those brands — less so because of coupons, giveaways or other enticing offers. According to new research my team conducted, 78% of Facebook brand Fans in key consumer categories are users of those brands to begin with. This article was...
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  • 26th June 2013, by Max Kalehoff

    The Reasons Consumers Become Facebook Brand Fans

    In our recent study, The Value of a Facebook Fan 2013, we revealed that brand Fans have proven to be highly valuable across key consumer categories. Our new research, Why Do Consumers Become Brand Fans, probes deeper, uncovering the key factors which can enable brands to substantially improve their acquisition and activation strategies.   By...
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  • 25th June 2013, by Max Kalehoff

    Keep Your Content Marketing Focused On Sales

    Content marketing is the wonk word du jour. Conventional wisdom — at least according to the “Content Marketing Institute” — is that traditional marketing doesn’t work because prospects are shutting off those channels. To reverse this trend, marketers supposedly need to create engaging content that drives profitable action. (Was this ever not the case?) To...
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  • 19th June 2013, by Max Kalehoff

    Keep One Foot In The Clouds & The Other In The Trenches

    Rising professionals face a big conflict: putting one foot in the clouds while keeping the other in the trenches. When you excel as a practitioner, your success lands you in managerial and administrative roles. With “senior-manager responsibilities,” you rightly begin to focus on things like strategy and performance, and team and resource management. Those are...
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