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23rd May 2013, by Barbara Ott

Platform Release 4.11 is Live

The Syncapse Platform 4.11 release includes one new feature to our moderation tool that will benefit community managers by making it easier to find new fan comments that may require a brand response. New enhancements include improved stability and performance for moderation and an improved UI that is consistent across all of the Syncapse products.


What is in 4.11?

The ability to filter the Respond->Facebook stream on 'recently commented' to allow community managers to easily find posts that have new fan comments. This is especially useful to find a historical post that continues to get new fan comments, like a Sponsored Story or promoted post.

By default, the 'respond' stream is filtered by the publish date of the post:



When the user filters the stream by 'recently commented', the posts that have the latest fan comments will be at the top of the stream, regardless of the publish date of the post.


New UI enhancements to the global navigation header to provide the same look and feel for all Syncapse products. Additionally, we now support a wider logo, so that brands can include their logo inside the platform for their users to see when they log in.



Please let us know if you have any questions or if you want to learn more about how Syncapse can help you and your brand.

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