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29th January 2013, by Max Kalehoff

New Ads Feature: Use Syncapse Tracking to Measure Conversions Inside Facebook

As part of our Ads 4.0.2 release, we released a significant Syncapse Conversion Tracking (SCT) update last week. Please read on for a brief overview of SCT and the benefits of this update for advertisers.

What is SCT?

SCT is an online monitoring system that tracks conversions on advertisers’ websites and attributes them back to ad campaigns running on Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo. It introduces greater and more consistent visibility into customers’ advertising performance across advertising networks, helping them expose actionable insights based on conversion and engagement data, for true ROI measurement and goal achievement. In addition to capturing conversions on the advertiser’s website, SCT can now capture conversions inside Facebook and attribute them back to a standard Facebook ad (more on this update below).

New Tracking Capabilities

In addition to tracking and attributing conversions to domain ads, SCT now allows advertisers to use conversion tracking on a second type of Facebook standard ads; app ads. The main difference between app ads vs. domain ads is that domain ads point to websites (or domains) outside of Facebook, while app ads point to specific apps and tabs on the advertiser’s/marketer’s Facebook Page. With app ads, we are now able to retain the “social component” (additional data generated by users interacting with an ad), that we were losing by only tracking domain ads, as they do not point to a Facebook property (e.g. a page, a page tab).

Feature Benefits

By being able to tag this second Facebook ad type, we allow advertisers to track specific actions they’ve deemed a success inside of Facebook (e.g. form submissions), and attribute them back to an ad. This is good news for our customers because they can continue measuring their success without necessarily having to drive users off the Facebook ecosystem.


  • The feature is only available to customers using Facebook apps/tabs developed and hosted by Syncapse. We are looking to expand it to customers using their own Facebook apps/tabs in the coming months.
  • This update does not apply to sponsored stories or page post ads.
If you are interested in utilizing SCT to improve your Facebook marketing efforts, please fill out the contact us form!

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