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24th January 2011, by Wahida Lakhani

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! Wait, what day?

That’s right! It’s that special time of year once again… Did you know today (Monday January 24, 2011) is Community Manager Appreciation Day? Top web strategist and industry analyst Jeremiah Owyang made this day a reality just over a year ago. Owyang chose the 4th Monday of every January as the date to recognize the efforts of community managers everywhere, and give them well-deserved bonuses… If your job involves reaching out to consumers online, building and growing relationships, and managing or contributing to online communities then this is your day!

Community management is a unique discipline which is both exciting and challenging. Community managers (CMs) find themselves having to be extremely adaptive given that the job requires one to wear many different hats as consumer and client needs continually evolve. CMs are true ambassadors for their brands, participating daily in the communities they manage. They understand the community’s needs, stay current with what’s happening and identify opportunities where value can be added. They are listeners, friends, storytellers, comedians, guides, teachers, marketers, content creators, publicists and customer service associates… basically Jedi knights! Being a CM goes far beyond promoting brand messaging. It’s about creating relationships, building trust with the audience and tracking success vs. key performance indicators in order to continually improve social marketing efforts.

At Syncapse, our team of CMs and content producers work side-by-side with clients, strategists, measurement scientists, designers and developers to develop scalable engagement strategies that tie to brand business objectives. We have a proven track record of using the Syncapse Platform as a collaboration tool to efficiently manage communities in conjunction with other stakeholders. Features like customized publishing/respond workflow and automated Facebook moderation frees up time for our CM team to focus efforts around understanding and unlocking the potential of online communities. Through the power of the Syncapse Platform, we enable marketers to nurture and identify key influencers, brand loyalists and immediate prospects across multiple regions and social presences.

Syncapse would like to recognize and give a big THANK YOU to the growing number of client CM’s who we work along-side every day, as well as the strong team we have here who manage various global and local communities for our clients.

Happy Community Manager Day!

To read about the first community manager day, click here.

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