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24th July 2012, by Wahida Lakhani

Exciting Changes and Updates to Syncapse Analytics Suite

This article was written by Syncapse’s Sr. Product Manager, Linda Chen. Four weeks ago, we made our Analytics dashboards a core part of Syncapse’s Product Offerings and the Results Tab was sunsetted. This week, we are proud to announce three core account management features that allow easier access to our dashboards while providing a consistent user experience with the rest of Syncapse’s products. When we first introduced the Analytics Suite at this year’s SXSW, we unveiled a series of dashboards that helps you monitor, gauge, and identify your brand’s performance across social media. We also heard that many of you had difficulties in remembering the dashboard URLs (they were too long!), and that it was difficult to memorize your assigned passwords. So over the last four weeks, we have been working on a fully integrated solution to offer you a consistent & short URL for accessing the dashboards, and new capabilities to help you manage your accounts. Here are the three core capabilities: I. Simplified URL With the integration through a single UI, you will only need to remember one easy, simple URL to access or share your Analytics Suite. Simply go to II. Password Management Don’t remember your password? Don’t want to wait to have your password reset? Not a problem. You can now manage it yourself. Reset your password with the “Forgot your password?” link on the Login Page, and update your account information by visiting “My Profile” upon login.

III. Social Presence (Locations) & Team Management That is not all. We have also introduce a new administrative role, the Analytics Admin, that allows for greater control over your dashboard’s social presences (locations), and better ability to manage your team’s access. As an Analytics Admin, you can access the Admin Tab to:
  1. Add / remove Facebook, YouTube and Twitter locations
  1. Manage team member access to these social presences

  1. Create new users or disable accounts

You must be a designated company representative to become an Analytics Admin. So don’t forget to email Syncapse Support to obtain access! Whether you want to understand how many fans you have, or to understand how your tweet is doing, we are here to make it easier. Thanks and until next time! Syncapse Analytics Team P.S. Email your Syncapse Client Services Representative on how to migrate to the new interface.

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