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20th September 2012, by Wahida Lakhani

Create Your 2013 Facebook Advertising Plan With Syncapse’s Media Spend Calculator (Beta)

2013 Facebook Media Spend Calculator

This article was written by Syncapse’s Director of Social Strategy, Jordan Franklin.

As one of the first participants in the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer program, we have seen a variety of trends in Facebook media buying and planning.

In 2010 the directive for consumer brands was “become social” and “grow your Facebook presence.” In 2011 the prevailing trends included growing fan bases through transactional and cost-per-fan driven media buys. 2012 was the year of the Sponsored Story, frictionless sharing, and the evolution of content-driven ads strategies on Facebook. As brand managers and media buyers look forward to 2013, focus has evolved to communicating timely, effective brand messaging to targeted audiences with specific frequencies. In effect, social advertising is now about brand messaging with the benefit of the largest CRM system in the world: Facebook. Best Practices In Social Advertising Social advertising is a lot like conventional advertising in its ability to promote brand messaging with measurable frequency. What makes social special is that a brand’s fan base can be activated to further propagate brand content and messaging within social groups. The notable difference between Facebook ads and traditional ads is that Facebook ads allow for social endorsement of brand messaging through sponsored stories, page-post ads, and friend-of-fan targeting. The importance of social endorsement cannot be overstated — Nielsen has demonstrated that socially endorsed messaging is 68% more memorable than non-socially endorsed messaging, and people exposed to socially endorsed ads exhibit four times greater purchase intent than those exposed to plain ads. In 2013 the most effective brands will be the ones reaching their audiences with socially endorsed messaging. Introducing the Facebook Media Spend Calculator and CRM-Driven Social Ads We are thrilled to introduce the Syncapse Ads 2013 Facebook Media Spend Calculator (Beta), which brings to life the new concept of CRM-driven social advertising. This planning tool, available for free, will consider your brand’s goals and then recommend an optimal budget mix for achieving fan communication, friends-of-fans communication and flighted campaigns. How The Calculator Works The goal is to drive targeted fan growth such that your brand’s entire addressable marketplace is connected to the brand with two degrees of separation. When that is true, all brand messaging can become socially endorsed, and that is why we see a growing shift towards fan and friend-of-fan communication, with less emphasis on flighted fan generation campaigns. That’s why our calculator prioritizes fan communication and friends-of-fans communication as ‘always on’ strategies. In 2013 these should be the bread and butter of most consumer brands that have established, sizable facebook fan communities. The third strategy, flighted campaigns, still have its place in the mix as a driver of fans. However, these campaigns are primarily used when event-based reach and frequency are required for a particular marketing or promotional opportunity. Flighted campaigns are also more important for brands that are earlier in their evolution, and have yet to achieve a critical mass of Facebook fans. Create Your 2013 Facebook Advertising Plan With Syncapse’s Media Spend Calculator This is a free beta tool, so we’re most interested in getting your feedback and improving on it. If our recommendations differ from your plans (or if they are closely aligned), you should contact us to find out more specifically what you can do to make your consumer brand most successful on Facebook in 2013. Try the 2013 Facebook Media Spend Calculator now.

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